Monday, March 12, 2007

New Items Posted at The Writing of John Drury

Two new items have been posted on The Writing of John Drury:

- Top Ten Reasons to Study Church History - opening lecture for Church History I

- Union with God and the Singularity of God's End in Creating according to Jonathan Edwards

Check 'em out!


David Drury said...

I love the top ten reasons for studying church history. I enjoyed reading them almost as much as I will enjoy stealing them at some future date! :-) (I will cite you, however.)

I read two paragraphs of the Edwards paper and realized I just needed to print it for summer study reading. Good stuff.

suresh said...

Whatever the reason behind creation. Truth is all the living beings are suffering because of creation. I dont understand what is the use of all these. When he doesnt expect anything from this world he doesnt need to create. And no living being here doesnt have necessity to suffer for his creation. All these are waste. Its not useful to anyone. Who needs this life and suffering.If he asks me do u want life, I will definitely say i dont need ur love and i hate ur creation. Who asked u to create me.