Thursday, July 05, 2007

Theological Photo Album: The Seven Ecumenical Councils

During my recent visit to Turkey, we managed to visit the sites of the seven ecumenical councils. Check out these pictures.

1. Nicaea (325)

2. Constantinople (381)

3. Ephesus (431)

4. Chalcedon (451)

5. Constantinople (553)

6. Constantinople (680-1)

7. Nicaea (787)

Any thoughts?


Adam said...

I'm impressed that you made it to all seven; usually we protestants are happy with just three or four!

millinerd said...

I love it!

Is the picture of 381 outside Hagia Eirene (behind Hagia Sophia)? I'm told that's where 381 happened, but I imagined the church was closed for your visit as for mine.

If you know any more details about where this stuff actually happened within the sites themselves I'd be glad to know - art historians don't seem to care to much about church councils so it's hard to find that stuff out.

Scott Hendricks said...

First thought: Cool! Bishops really met in those places . . . wow! It's neat that you could visit places where the church articulated its faith.

Second thought: The church herself is far more gloriously loved by Christ and filled with the spirit than any old location or building. The pilgrim church on earth, made up of living, standing stones is a greater witness to our faith than any monument.

Third thougth: But I guess altars and Ebenezers are important, too.

Thanks for sharing!

Keith Drury said...

Nice collection of those pix in council order.... thanx!

jeff miller said...

I used to think that Nicea I and Nicea II where 462 years and 2 worlds apart but know I would say that they are very much of the same spirit. thanks for the pics.

jeff miller